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2017 Funding for Emergency Assistance (QRF) & PTS/TBI support

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$2,542 towards $200,000

The primary mission of Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is to provide relief through educational and/or financial assistance for current, retired, and former SEAL teammates and their families. The overall objective is to reduce the financial burden of members of the Navy SEAL Community who are in need of assistance.

Our mission is composed of two primary focus areas: Emergency Assistance (aka Quick Reaction Funding) and PTS/TBI support.

As a small non-profit, we remain quick, flexible, and responsive; capable of providing Emergency Assistance within hours for the unique needs of current, retired, and former Navy SEAL teammates and their families. These needs for assistance can be due to a result of injury, loss of life, transitional needs, or some of life's unexpected events.

PTS/TBI support has become a greater focus area as the Navy SEALs Fund is one of only a very few charities providing financial assistance for alternative PTS/TBI treatment options for Navy SEALs. The ability to offer choices in care is vital to ensuring that Navy SEALs and their families have the greatest chance of recovery from the effects of PTS/TBI.

The greater percentage of SEALs are now either retired or separated from the Navy, and the Navy SEALs Fund - Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is a primary support organization for this larger population. We need, and rely, on your help in getting the word out on what we do in support of the Navy SEAL Community!

On behalf of all of us at Navy SEALs Fund - Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® we thank you sincerely for your support!

**For anyone who would prefer to mail a donation, please make checks out to "Navy SEALs Fund" and send to:
Navy SEALs Fund
P.O. Box 89
Mason OH 45040