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Special Update: 1 Dec 2017 Paul provides an update on his healing & physical therapy progress! Last surgery is scheduled for the 21 Dec 2017. Thank you for the continued support!

Holly Webster Anderson - August 5th: "Friends and family, my husband was seriously injured in a horrific motorcycle accident. Please send as many prayers to God for Paul Anderson as you can. I cannot lose the love of my life!!"

Former Navy SEAL, Paul Anderson, was critically injured in a horrific, life changing motorcycle accident on the morning of 5 Aug 2017.

Paul woke that morning with a brighter than usual smile on his face because he was looking forward to taking one of his favorite rides, Palomar Mountain. As was his usual routine, he got suited up in his protective gear, kissed his wife goodbye, and headed out the door. Once he arrived at the base of the mountain, Paul made a quick pit stop to text his wife of 16 years a quick message and let her know that he was about to ride up the mountain. That text, along with an app on Paul's phone, was how they tracked Paul's location anytime he rode. From his career in the SEAL Teams, Paul understood the importance of a safety plan. Paul and Holly always had a plan in place. Unfortunately, no amount of planning could prepare either of them for what was about to happen. The time of that text was 8:58 am. Six minutes later, Paul would be involved in an accident that would change his life forever.

According to Police reports, as Paul was heading up the mountain, an 18-wheeler was coming down the mountain in the opposite direction. Unbeknownst to Paul, there was another vehicle traveling in the blind-spot behind the semi-truck. As the distance between the 18-wheeler and Paul decreased, the truck driver began to slow down so that he could make a right-hand turn; simultaneously, the impatient driver behind the semi, illegally crossed over a double yellow line to either pass the semi or to turn left. That driver's reckless decision created a situation where Paul had no time to react and was unable to avoid the collision.

When paramedics arrived on the scene, Paul was DOA. Due to their exceptional medical expertise, they were able to revive him and place him on a life flight to Palomar Medical Center. At the hospital ER, Paul died again, but with the will of a warrior and an outstanding medical team was once again revived. Holly did not find her husband until 1:24 pm and is thankful for all the medical staff at Palomar Medical Center who kept fighting for Paul and give comfort to her every day.

Even though Paul was wearing some of the best personnel protective riding gear available to an avid motorcyclist his injuries were extensive. The following is a partial list of injuries sustained:

Cervical spine disk torn from his vertebras, a broken jaw, a broken scapula, both shoulders were out of socket, broken arms and hands, Trauma to his lungs, broken ribs, detached bladder, broken pelvis, femurs out of socket with one ball joint broken from his femur.

It is truly a miracle that Paul is with us today. He has already had multiple significant surgeries, more surgeries to come, and considering the list of his injuries….it is evident that Paul has a long road to travel until he fully recovers. Therefore, we need your help!

As the bread winner for the family the last thing Paul should be concerned with is how his family is going to pay the bills. The emotional and financial impact of this accident and the recovery needs are great, and we are asking you to join us in providing support for Paul and his family.

The Navy SEALs Fund, in coordination with Paul's wife Holly, have opened this fundraising campaign to help ease the financial burden for Paul and his family during this time of great stress. Every little bit helps

100% of the funds donated here will be given directly to Paul and Holly to assist in their financial needs as a result of this traumatic event. All donations are tax-exempt.

*If you would like to donate by check, you can mail the check to Navy SEALs Fund with a note acknowledging the donations is for Paul Anderson's Recovery Assistance Fund:
Navy SEALs Fund
PO Box 89
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*If you would like to discuss other donation options or ways to provide support for the family, please contact us at or by phone 1-888 732 5526.

* If you are unable to donate, please keep the prayers coming, keep thinking of Paul as he is not out of the woods yet. August 5th was a life changing day. Holly believes in the power of prayer and miracles, she will be praying every day and asks for your support in prayers and positive thoughts, because it is working. God has found Paul and he has blessed him during this recovery, so please keep doing what you are doing. It is working. Holly is asking everyone to keep praying for the love of her life, pray that he continues on a path for strong recovery to come back home safe and sound for her, their daughter Jazz, and their son Tristan.

Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated! Please check back regularly as we will be providing updates regarding Paul's recovery.


Sep 2017 - one month after the accident Paul has a message of thanks!


Paul is now in a Rehab Hospital and is progressing quite quickly, and has progressed a lot since arriving. The doctors will send Paul home once he can stay in the wheelchair for longer duration. He will have a nurse and PT show up every day at the house.

However, Paul's house is not set up for a wheel chair, not do they have a first floor bathroom. They have a lot to prepare for to bring Paul home.

Overall, things are moving forward in a really good direction, and it has been wonderful and miraculous to watch this family's recovery efforts. Paul still has a long road ahead, but he is fighting like the true warrior his soul is.


We are so thankful for all of the prayer warriors and many supporters who have kept this family on your mind and in your heart. The notes of encouragement and visits from friends, family, and teammates are lifting Paul's spirit and driving his determination to get out of the hospital and back home.

These pictures capture Paul as he was when Holly finally found him on the day of the accident, Aug 5th. Paul was kept in a medically-induced coma as the medical team worked to stabilize his condition:

Through the power of prayer, the internal fortitude and strength of Paul was able to bring back the light in his eyes and the smile on his face. This picture was taken Aug 27th, less than a month after the accident:

Medical Update from Aug 31, 2017 -

Paul still has hematomas in the pelvic area, they are smaller and are dissipating. However, he will need another few weeks of antibiotic to treat as they are not large enough to be surgically removed. His hip/pelvic bone is healing very slowly, but it is healing. His arm will finally be operated on Friday. This is the remainder arm and hand that was not fixed because he got pneumonia due to the bruised lungs. His spine is healing, but also very slowly. Please remember this is less than one month from the accident, so where Paul is in healing is incredible!

The doctors are watching for a few more days to ensure no infections occurs post-surgery on Friday, and then they will remove his trach and close the hole in his throat. His jaw will remain wired shut for another 5 to 6 weeks, and his bladder will not be repaired until the pelvic hematomas have dissipated.

Continued prayers are welcomed and needed! If all goes well and there are no setbacks, Paul will be going to a long term acute health care facility near Holly within the next 2 or 3 weeks. While there, he will learn to walk again, he will have a speech therapist to learn how to form words again, move his hands and arms, write, etc. From this center they will take him in ambulance to doctor appointments, plastic surgeon, and surgeries for the remainder of procedures needed.

If anyone has insight about the Vibra Rehab Hospital (San Diego) or Kindred Care Hospital (San Diego), and which one you would send your loved one to, please share with Holly or send us a message to share with her.

From Holly:
I am so thankful for all the thoughts, prayers, donations, check-ins, and for everyone that has gone above and beyond to love Paul and our family.

This reminds me and will remind me for the rest of this life, that life is such a small amount of time. There is not enough time to be angry at someone, to yell or to scream, to make your point about politics, to disagree with how someone lives their life. It's all about what you choose and how you choose to live your life with your family. I can't even explain how I have changed in how I run my household now, or how I am when I am driving now, or how this has changed what kind of mother and wife I am. My heart has grown exponentially, my patience has surprised me.

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