Thank you for your support of Chief Gallagher and his family! image

Thank you for your support of Chief Gallagher and his family!

$752,255 raised

$750,000 goal

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Jan 31 - Join the Gallagher Family in continuing the fight for justice for other warriors:

Jan 11 - CHIEF EDDIE GALLAGHER RETIREMENT CELEBRATION!! Thank you for all of the support. Words cannot describe our appreciation for everything that was done to help us find Justice for Eddie and ultimately... FREEDOM!!

July 2 - JUSTICE! Chief Eddie Gallagher Found Innocent!

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is honored to be standing with Chief Gallagher and his family from the beginning. We are grateful for all the many supporters that donated their time, resources, and financials to ensure Chief Gallagher was provided the best Legal Defense team and that his family was supported throughout this fight. The burden has been great; however, your support ensured that Chief Gallagher and his family did not have to go it alone. Thank you!

Truth has prevailed! A jury found decorated Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher Not Guilty on all War Crimes charges he was facing, including murder and attempted murder, in the killing of a teenage Islamic State member in Iraq.

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Indefinite Detainment - Chief Gallagher has been in Pre-Trial Confinement after being ripped out of TBI treatment on 9/11 by NCIS agents. We are looking forward to his day in court and the opportunity to finally shine the light on the Truth!

May 15 - Fundraising Update - Thank you for the generosity of all our supporters! With the kindness of a single large donation, we have surpassed our base goal of $500,000!! This is a significant milestone that provides tremendous relief for our concerns to be able to provide the best legal defense team for Chief Gallagher. However, this fight is far from over.

Please know that Chief Gallagher and his family still have a great battle ahead as JAG/NCIS are showing greater desperation as the lies behind the accusations are starting to unravel. The evidence supports Chief Gallagher's innocence, and is perhaps why the Navy is trying a war of attrition with Chief Gallagher and his family. Why would the Navy want to delay his case further? Why would the Navy spy on the Legal Defense team?

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® - is urgently raising funds to assist with the financial impact of US Navy SEAL, SOC Eddie Gallagher's fight for justice! He has been accused of doing his job and taking the fight to the enemy, and now faces charges of mistreating an ISIS fighter.

This is no joke, false charges against SOC Gallagher relate to the mistreatment of a terrorist who was involved in a firefight with our troops moments before.

Unbelievably, the family home was raided while Chief Gallagher was detained the first time in June by NCIS. Dozens of armed NCIS thugs masquerading as SWAT Police in full combat gear laid siege to the family home, pulling his young children at gunpoint into the street in their underwear while NCIS knew very well that neither parent was at home. That is not what you would expect to happen in America, and yet it did.

On Patriots Day, September 11th, 2018, Chief Eddie Gallagher was shackled like a common criminal, taken from in-patient care at NICoE Pendleton, and held in solitary confinement for 72 hours while remaining shackled. He has now been in jail for over months on pre-trial confinement.

As he and his legal team prepare an upcoming defense before the United States Navy to fight these absurd charges, Chief Gallagher and his family need your support. As you can see in his bio (at end of page), Chief Eddie Gallagher is a tried and true Warrior. He has earned multiple decorations including three medals for valor in combat. He has sacrificed greatly for the country he loves, ensuring you and your family can sleep peacefully in the warmth of your beds at home.

Our organization has supported the fight against these types of erroneous claims in the past and we were able to help our Brothers win exoneration both by raising funds for their legal defense and family support, along with building sheer strength of numbers from the community. It's time to do it again.

Join us and give if you can, if not, share our efforts with your network and let's free Chief Eddie Gallagher and clear his name. Help us get Eddie back home to his loving wife and children.

100% of the donations raised by this campaign will be used to defend Chief Gallagher and provide support for his family as they fight for Justice!

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is Honored to be working directly with Chief Eddie Gallagher's family, who has full transparency of this fundraising campaign.

Step up in support of a true American Hero who is being wronged by a justice system standing on its head.

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BIOGRAPHY - US Navy SEAL, SOC Eddie Gallagher

Fulfilling a lifelong call to serve his country and a sacred family tradition, Chief Eddie Gallagher joined the service soon after high school in 1999 and enlisted in the Navy. He joined the ranks of his father, a West Point graduate and retired Lieutenant Colonel, two naval aviator uncles (one of whom died in the service), and three grandparents who served in World War II. After 19 years in the service and eight combat tours, Eddie is among the most elite of warriors who has served quietly and bravely on the front lines to protect his country in nearly every conflict since 9/11.

After boot camp Eddie attended Corpsman (Medic) school, was attached to a Marine Corps unit, and in 2000 first deployed with his Marine platoon to Kosovo. After September 11th, 2001 Eddie saw clearly his call to defend the country and volunteered for Marine sniper school. Eddie become the first non-Marine to graduate the school, an incredibly tough feat for this insular and elite program. As a Marine Scout Sniper, Eddie was among the first waves to deploy on the front lines of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 to Mosul for his second combat deployment.

Never settling, Eddie strived to do more and upon returning home he enrolled in Basic Underwater Demolition Schools (BUDS). He graduated in 2005, becoming a United States Navy SEAL. He was again deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007, and in addition to the combat action and Iraqi and Afghanistan service ribbons, Eddie was awarded Navy and Marine Commendation Medal with V for Valor. During 72 patrols and 12 combined direct-action missions, many under direct enemy fire, Eddie's "unrelenting perseverance and loyal devotion to duty" resulted in 36 terrorists captured.

As a SEAL Eddie would continue to excel, rising not only in rank but as a true leader. He became lead sniper, lead platoon medic, lead breacher, fire team leader, master training specialist, squad leader and eventually, lead petty officer where he was in charge of entire SEAL platoon deployed to the Middle East. He would be recognized by the Navy for his leadership, given the award of Sailor of the Year and Sailor of the Quarter – titles granted to superior and dedicated professionals within their commands who best represent the Navy.

Among his numerous deployments with the SEALS Eddie was again recognized for valor in combat, being twice awarded the Bronze Star with V for Valor. In one instance, under enemy fire yet again and from multiple positions, Eddie cleared nearly 100 stalls in a bazaar in Afghanistan, secured a rooftop position, and effectively freed a friendly element that was pinned down by enemy fire. His "courageous and decisive actions silenced the enemy fire…and "by his extraordinary guidance, zealous initiative and total dedication to duty, Petty Office Gallagher reflected great credit upon himself, and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."

Eddie has undergone a total of eight tours of duty, six as an elite special forces operator serving on the front lines of combat. He is the consummate and professional warfighter, earning medal after medal for leadership and bravery in battle. In total Eddie has earned the Bronze star with V for Valor twice, Meritorious Unit commendation, Presidential Unit citation two Navy Commendation medals, three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals, and four good conduct awards. His last deployment in 2017 to Iraq where he was tasked with leading his platoon to clear ISIS from Mosul, Eddie was awarded #1 SEAL Chief and #1 SEAL platoon.

Eddie's record and reputation as an elite warrior is rivaled only by a few men who have served by his side as special warfare operators and heroes who have gone before him. He does not seek recognition for his work, but his service demands the respect and honor owed to the special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation's call.

19 Year Service Member

Joined July 28th 1999

Marine Corps

Medic/Corpsman for platoon

7 month Combat Deployment - 2000 Deployment – Mediterranean/Kosovo

Sea Service Deployment Ribbon

Marine Corps


Marine Corps Water Instructor Survival Specialist - MCWISS

Marine Corps

9 month combat Deployment during invasion of – Mosul/Africa 2003

Marine Corpsman/Medic/Sniper

Combat Action Ribbon

Basic Underwater Demolition/ NSWC - 2004

SEAL Qualification Training Graduation 2005


18 Delta Field Medic Course - 2005

SEAL Team One

Special Operator 2nd Class - SO2

Plt Medic, Sniper, Corpsman

2 Troop Delta PLT

Combat deployed to Iraq 2006-2007

Navy commendation medal with V for Valor / combat action ribbon / Iraqi campaign / Afghanistan Campaign /Sea Service Deployment Ribbon

SEAL Team One

Special Operator 1st Class – SO1

Lead Sniper / Platoon Medic / Lead Breacher / Fire Team Leader

2 troop Delta platoon,

Combat Deployment – Afghanistan 2009-2010

Combat Action / Afghanistan Campaign / Bronze Star with V for Valor

Naval Special warfare Center BUDS Instructor

Master Training Specialist

Special Operator 1st class,


SEAL Team Seven -2012-2017

Special Operator 1st class, SO1

2 troop, Delta platoon

Squad leader, lead sniper, Lead breacher, fire team leader, Lead Corpsman

Combat Deployment - Afghanistan 2013

Army commendation medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Combat action ribbon with gold star insignia for multiple combat deployments,

SEAL Team 7

Charlie Platoon– Lead Petty Officer of plt, SO1

Crisis Response element

Deployment United Arab Emeritus – 2014-2015

Navy Commendation medal

ST7 – Sailor of the quarter

ST7 – Sailor of the year

Group One- Sailor of the year

Number one E6 at Command

SEAL Team 7

Alpha Platoon – Special Operator Chief, E-7

Combat Deployment – Mosul, 2016-2017

Number one Chief at ST7 Command


2 Bronze Stars with V for Valor

Meritorious Unit Commendation

Presidential Unit Citation

2 Navy Commendation Medals

3 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals – 1 with V for Valor

4 Good conduct awards